A Day in the Life of a Dog

What’s a day in the life of a dog like? That’s a question that dog owners and would-be dog owners often ponder. And while we’ll never know for sure what a dog is thinking, you can be certain that being a dog is great. Below is a sample day in the life of your average American dog.

Morning Routine

A dog’s life is simple. In the morning, a dog wakes up and greets its owner with their cold, wet nose. Once the owner is awake, the dog is fed and put outside for a few minutes. If all goes well during the week, the dog might get to take a short walk before the owner goes to work.

Afternoon Routine

Most dogs are stuck inside during the day. They generally have a pretty good time sleeping and relaxing while their owner is at work. Sometimes their owner will come home to let them out for a lunchtime walk. Other owners hire a responsible dog walker to come and give their dog some exercise during the day.

An afternoon on the weekend is much different than a weekday. Generally, a dog’s owner will

An Old Fashioned Family Evening

I was pretty excited to see what my father had planned for the family. He said that this year, we were going to do something that we had never done before. That had me thinking, because we have actually done quite a bit as a family. It did not take any of us very long to find out though. Last weekend, there was a knock on my door. When I answered it, there was limo in the drive. A limo! My father was standing there too, smiling. He said he looked into a limo in Toronto and saw that they were not as expensive as he had thought, and that was when he put his grand plan together.

He came and picked me up first. I asked where we were going, so I could get dressed appropriately. When he told me that I was dressed perfectly, I really was confused. I had on jeans and an old sweatshirt! Well, the limo driver picked up my two brothers and their families next, and the ten of us were quite comfortable in the limo. Continue reading

Working on a Plan for the Wedding

Jean, her mom and my mom all sat down and started to talk about the wedding this morning. Of course I was there, but they did not seem to be all that interested in my opinion on any of this. Jean’s father has established the budget guidelines, but there seems to be little evidence that they intend to pay much mind to him either. They are talking about hiring a party bus and having the wedding at a venue on Lake Ontario. You can get on the web and visite site if you want to check out the place. They claim that they have the biggest selection of party buses in the province, but I have no way to know. Continue reading

World-renowned Filipino Artists Unite For Batis Hotel Project In Mt. Makiling

Eight world-renowned Filipino artists whose works are currently being shown at the Museo Walo on the 23rd floor of the Insular Life Corporate Center in Alabang, Muntinlupa City recently bonded to work for the establishment of a new cultural landmark Batis Hotel Project at the foothills of Mt. Makiling in Los Banos, Laguna.

The virtual list of Whos Who in Philippine and international art scene will work to meld arts and wellness nestled within a natural environment, far enough, but still within reach from the madding crowd.

The soon-to-be built Batis Hotel Project will have a spa for every room with water coming directly from Mt. Makilings hot springs a first of its kind in modern resort business.

Consider these distinguished and legendary artists: Francisco Bobby Manosa, Ildefonso IP Santos, Budji Layug, Augusto Ugo Bigyan, Jose Pitoy Moreno, Michael Cacnio, Kenneth Cobonpue and Benedicto Bencab Carbrera.

The principal architect of the luxurious, balanced, tranquil soon-to-be spa is National Artist for Architecture Manosa who has done bestin-class Philippine resorts from Amanpulo in Palawan, Pearl Farm in Davao and the Shangri-La in Mactan and Escaya, to name a few.

To landscape Batis is Santos, also a National Artist for Landscape

Eat Up Top-notch Hotel Restaurants

Hotel dining gets a bad rap. On the one hand you’ve got smaller joints with warmed over American fare, so-so service, and maybe a fish plate that costs eighteen dollars and tastes vaguely of turpentine. On the other hand you’ve got luxury hotels touting well-known executive chefs who would sooner serve cheese with seafood than accept the fact that nine dollars for a bowl of minestrone is more than a bit outrageous.

And don’t even get me started on breakfast.

There seems to be this middle ground lacking, one where the hotel restaurant serves food that is delicious, does it with a smile, and at a price that won’t have the guests searching off premises. Believe it or not, the middle ground does exist. More and more, in fact, moderate/consumer level hotels are realizing that the modern traveler is taking value of features into account, features like business centers, gyms, and of course, the restaurant.

Go to a travel forum like TripAdvisor and search guest reviews of any hotel, and you can guarantee that if it has a restaurant, the reviews are talking about it (and they’re probably saying a lot of mean things). Search long enough to find